Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I picked up "Gepetto's Spice Box" last week and thought I would give my thoughts on it.  First, I have to say it's a pretty good idea to make a kit like this.  I haven't done any polls or anything, but I'm pretty sure spice users agree, incense blend prices are just way too high.  Of course it depends on your location and how much you buy, but no matter what, spice prices are outrageous! 

Then in walks "Gepetto's Spice Box"!  It's a no-frills, basic kit to make your own jwh style incense blends.  The kit comes with 1 gram of pre-packaged jwh, you pick between 018, 073 or 250 which is kinda cool.  I mean, if you're in a state where 018 is illegal, pick up a 073 or 250 kit instead, it's all good.  It also comes with 60 grams of leaf, 100% pure acetone and an all important HDPE spray bottle.  Ya, don't make any blends without an HDPE bottle!  I also received instructions and a pack of free grape flavored rolling papers as an added bonus.  You need to mix your jwh with some acetone and start spraying it over your leaves.  That's pretty much all there is to it.  Take your time and do things slow and steady, but seriously there's not much to making your own blends.  I've found that the effects are pretty much identical to the store bought stuff.  The only real difference is that the retail brands use complicated flavoring blends, but for as much cash as I'm saving, flavoring takes a back seat!  I cooked up 30 grams, in which I used half of all my ingredients, and I love the stuff.  I only made half because If I screwed it up I didn't want to waste it all.  Hehehe. But I prevailed!!  No screw ups yet.  So if you're on a budget like myself, but love spice blends, this kit is definitely for you.  Check it out online at http://videogalaxy.info or http://jwhspicebox.info